Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Year in Review

I'd love to post photos of the commissions I've been working on but they are...holiday gifts. Maybe after the first of the year.

So I'll start my review. Some of the goals that I set for 2007, beginning with business are: oh, and before I begin, here's a profound quote from landscape artist Linda Blondheim: "I stopped chasing my impossible goals, which were depressing me, and started refocusing on what I loved". I should take note...
  • I believe I can take this so-called "genre" painting and pull it into the mainstream.
    Confidence abounds thanks to the response from non-horse people who purchase my paintings and giclees. Continuing in the direction of the current multi-canvas project, the creations will increase accessibility to a wider, larger client base.equine art
I have only begun to market the multi-canvas project. I worked it to the end and it's beautiful. Thirteen and a half by thirteen foot. Plenty large enough for an impressive foyer. A couple of designers have taken note. Another multi-canvas project that I sold has recently been offered to me as an exhibit piece. I heard that the Appleton Museum of Art here in Ocala is issuing a call for artists next month for their Biennial Exhibit. These two pieces plus another could be good candidates. Hah! I'd become a museum artist! And I have another idea for a similar project in mind, something very innovative, but I'm thankfully swamped with commissions for now.

contemporary artIn 2007, I fully embraced this goal, in 2008, this is a path I intend to continue...

To all of you who e-mail, called, posted or otherwise offered your support to my physically challenged cat Chow, I say thank you, thank you, thank you. He's doing okay considering (good days, bad days). Bless you all for the love.


Linda Blondheim said...

This multiple canvas project is awesome. It would appeal to a wide audience. Your work has enormous appeal. You don't have to own horss to love it.


Sharon Crute said...

I appreciate your appreciation Linda!

Your sage-like quote really has me thinking about the pressures I place on myself. They can sometimes steal the joy.