Monday, December 31, 2007

Goals 2008

The tone of my intentions is evolving. I seem to be getting down to the serious business of what it'll take to become rich and famous...

For business:

  • Practice aggressive marketing and promotion. Act immediately before someone else does when a lead, contact or opportunity presents itself. I've been laid back in this regard and will be more alert and attentive.
  • Michael and I have merged on the same page with our attitudes regarding marketing techniques. Extensive discussions resolved any possible misunderstandings while maintaining our individual philosophy, so, it's okay to disagree. Respect for instinct is also paramount.
  • Continue with promotional mailings, both e-mail and conventional. Strive for free publicity via newsworthy events by writing our own news releases, announcements, etc.
  • Enter the Appleton Museum's Biennial Exhibition.
  • If unable to become an exhibitor (it's $$$$), at least attend the ArtExpo in New York in March.
  • Expand outdoor shows. Contacts acquired are too valuable to limit the number per year. Apply to Equifest, Horse Expo, and add Virginia to the steeplechase circuit.
  • Investigate feasibility of setting up stores at eBay and CafePress (last year's foray into the auction portion of eBay was disappointing).
  • Invite more commissions. I used to despise them but now that I've produced a zillion, I've gotten quite good at it and don't mind them at all. Cash flow is great.
  • The giclee market is outstanding for me. We'll continue to expand our client base and concentrate on the "open editions". The technology just keeps getting better...
  • Devise a system for keeping track of the race meets throughout the country. This way we can contact them a few months before opening day to proposition merchandise and promotional ideas.
  • Ever onward with my relentless obsession to gain access to the huge players in the racing biz. This includes corporate as well as individuals.
  • Experiment with generic equine themes that will increase more widespread appeal.
  • Continue exploration in the direction of the "Diagonal" nine canvas piece, remaining in the spirit of an innovative, cutting edge and contemporary attitude. Audacity rules.


Katherine said...

An admirable set of goals.

I think the only thing you maybe need to do is think about whether you have adequately factored in the credit crunch to your strategy for 2008.

Everything that has gone before in terms of what works and what doesn't has been done in a climate where people weren't watching the impact of the sub-prime crisis on the merchant banks and finances generally. The fall-out from this has already had an impact on e-bay and gallery sales and looks as if it's likely to to continue for some time

Sharon Crute said...

Thanks for your comment Katherine. Of course you're correct. Gallery sales were down significantly at the latter part of '07. However, from this artist's experience, my dealers appear more optimistic due to their recent increase in business after a dismal holiday season.

Also, being a go-getter, I'm not completely reliant on my dealers to generate sales.