Monday, December 17, 2007

Year in Review #4

Continuing on with my assessment of Goals set for 2007. Still in the "business" catagory:

  • This year Michael and I are poised to experiment with POD (print on demand). I'll soon offer an open edition giclee quality reproduction on canvas in any size requested.

Mission accomplished! The response from all my galleries and clients is all positive. I did change the first image I wanted to experiment with from a farm scene to a dynamic racing scene (wise choice). My galleries are thrilled and relieved, having their sales limited in the past by size constraints. They all report that clients are extremely receptive to the idea, aren't really concerned about "limited editions" or certificates of authenticity. Yes, there are some holdouts, but let's face it, with rapidly advancing technology the first giclee is as good as the thousandth or even better. Instead of increasing my prices due to escalating costs of ink, canvas and most of all - shipping, I maintained the same pricing structure but offered fourteen different sizes of the image (or whatever it would constrain to).

giclee reproduction"Harrowing", my first P.O.D. giclee reproduction.

This is most definitely a direction I will be pursuing. Tomorrow I'll tackle the "artwork" goal catagory.

Chow's stitches were easily removed this morning (I was concerned about that) but he required a "jug" before leaving the vet's office. "Jug" is race track for intravenous fluids.

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