Thursday, December 20, 2007

Year in Review #6

To conclude my review of Goals for 2007, here's the Personal category:
  • Work harder, study harder, manage my time more efficiently, excel at managing my money - do whatever it takes to get rich and famous!
Doing it and then some.
  • Balance that work ethic with playtime. All our road trips are for business only. I intend to take an extra day on these trips to relax and enjoy.
We managed to take two extra days in Saratoga for a drive in the Adirondacks. Whoopee. This is a case of old habits dying very hard. After spending more than half a lifetime at the race track working day after day for months on end without a break, it's something we've become familiar and comfortable with. Even when we get fed up and take a day off, it's difficult to relax. Can't be healthy. This is an ongoing issue that I'm not sure what to do about...any suggestions?

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