Sunday, December 16, 2007

Chow's Ordeal

siamese catMy precious Siamese, Chow, is finally starting to feel better. He rolled around on the walk leading up to my front stairs and basked in the sunshine today.

It's been a rough ten days. Tomorrow, his stainless steel stitches are removed. He's been in pain, depressed, not eaten, puked and just had a generally awful week. Depressed myself over his suffering, I called the vet last Friday and she gave us more painkillers which got us through the weekend. Today he's walking around, nibbling some food and looking much brighter. He's also begun to fuss with the stitches - good sign.

mast cell tumorMast cell tumor removed, matching surgery on the other leg.

Without doubt, this is the last time I will put him through this nightmare regardless...


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry he is having to go through that. My cat had a large mast cell tumor removed a year ago and he really suffered from the surgery. The Prednisone they put him one made his hair fall out and he was one miserable cat. We decided it was not fair to do anything else like that to him, so after weaning him off we have decided to let nature take its course. When the cure is worse than the disease and not much hope of fixing it, why would you? I hope he gets better soon. LindaB

Sharon Crute said...

Chow is doing much, much better and thanks for your good wishes. The vet said the cancer that causes mast cell tumors originates in the spleen which she wanted to remove. I nixed that. If he were younger, maybe (he's 15 now). Although he never regained his weight loss due to the surgery, he now gets a choice of ANYTHING he'd like to eat - raw chicken liver being a particular favorite!