Saturday, September 29, 2007

Artist Interrupted

oklahoma training track"Oklahoma" oil on canvas 22"x26"

This is the painting I created on my sidewalk gig in Saratoga this past summer. It didn't look this refined - far from it. It's difficult to concentrate while chatting with passersby, but I expect to be interrupted. I'm there to meet people and I do enjoy it. I had to entirely go over the canvas again, or basically re-paint it. Michael's not crazy about my landscape attempts, but I'm fulfilling a request from one of my gallery dealers to create a Saratoga backside scene. I'm pleased with the early first light filtering through the trees. Not so dynamic, though.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cocoa Beach

I finally took yesterday off to visit my aunt from R.I. who has rented a condo in Cocoa Beach. She is the family matriarch and I love her dearly.

L. to r. Darlene, my Auntie Ruth, moi, Charlotte

We hung out with her two good friends all day. Something about older women that is so cool and so fun to be with. Very easy day. I didn't want to leave but alas, so much work to do. The marketing, publicity and mass e-mailing awaits as I get the word out about my solo exhibit next month. I'm finally realizing that I can indeed write a little bit, so I'll be attempting my own press release tomorrow.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Art and Spirituality

I'm not a religious person. Even though I was raised in a household of Episcopalians and Catholics, I've got my own ideas about universal beginnings. I love the rituals of Catholicism but that's it. My beliefs lean towards the spiritual side as popularized with the book and movie "The Secret". Yes, I believe in an intelligence, a power, a force, the Big Kahuna if you will. If this intelligence created me, then I'm part and parcel of all there is. We have been gifted with the power to do as we choose. This means that we can create our own life experiences for better or worse. No doubt you've heard this over and over. What does this mean to me as an artist? Simply that God (or the Big Kahuna, Spirit, Universal Power, etc.) creates through me as me. So there. Form your own conclusions. However, this realization drives and guides my creativity day in and day out. Just thought you'd like to know...

On the way home from Lexington, we stopped in Berea at the Kentucky Artisan Center where I purchased a little hand-crafted necklace that really appealed to me. It has a tiny medallion containing a hand and hearts. As I read the paper tag that accompanied it, it stated that the the icon was from a Shaker symbol which meant: "Hand to Work, Heart to God".

shaker medallion

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Lexington, Kentucky

My absence from this blog was not only due to recent travels but also in part to illness. Had a terrifically bad cold for a week and lost time not only in my heavy work load but also in preparation for my solo exhibit next month at Fayette Gallery. Have you ever had to travel and be professionally "on" regardless of feeling like crap? I affirm that my immune system is good for the rest of the season... many, many thanks to Michael for getting it all together alone with no assistance from me.

We delivered the work to the gallery in Lexington and spent some time at the Keeneland Sale. I've been to thousands of horse sales, nothing new under my sun. Wandered up to the main track and got a good close-up gander at the Polytrack.

polytrackIt's got bits of blue, red and yellow...stuff...sprinkled throughout. Quite fluffy as well. Strange but wonderful.

As the week goes on and I fully recuperate, I'll update in detail.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Print on Demand - Again

giclee reproduction"Harrowing" original oil on canvas 7'x10'

I know I've mentioned creating a reproduction for "print on demand" before, however this time I'm going forward with the concept with the above piece. Technology is quickly evolving the print market and I take a cue from Barney Davey, art consultant and author of How to Profit from the Art Print Market. "Print on demand" simply means that this will become an open edition and available in whatever the sizes will constrain to, the largest being 50"x72" (what my printer is capable of).

Now I know some of you are throwing up your hands in reaction to ethics, integrity, etc. We're not talking "limited edition". Let's face it, digital technology is changing rapidly and so are my views about the market.

Therefore, the above image is available as an open edition giclee on canvas. The pricing will remain relatively the same as I've not increased any of my prices in several years. Got a particular size wall in need of artwork? Let me know, I'll send you a giclee to fit.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Book The Book The Book

Met with my genius partner on the book last night, Dale Jarusik. She served us a killer dinner and the conversation was lively. We didn't really discuss the project until today (the wine flowed) and mutually decided not to rush this baby. We've been at it a couple of years and realistically with my work load, it's catch as catch can. Not that it's low on the priority list - I was aiming for publication by Christmas ordering season. Not happening. Got to keep the immediate paying projects rolling along first.

We're meeting Friday and we're going to allow an organic growth of sorts. I do intend to begin composing together, and I know the book will take on a life of it's own. I see us realizing what's necessary, what changes to incorporate and further requirements as we work out the tech stuff.

Dale's relieved with this decision and I'm relieved with this decision.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Projects to be Done

Don't you hate it when I don't have pictures? I know I do.

Here's a to-do list since returning home from Saratoga:

1. Update mailing list - done
2. Cover art for Horse Shows in the Park - done
3. Saratoga commissioned pencil drawing of house - done
4. "Artist Within" public art project with Executive Chef Randal White - in progress
5. Exhibit of artwork at the Ocala International Airport - in progress
6. Reception at the Florida Farm Credit slated for early November - in progress
7. One woman exhibit at my gallery in Lexington, Kentucky for the month of October during the Keeneland fall meet. This is a huge priority - both Michael and I plan and work for this every day.
8. Get the book composed and into production - have a meeting with my partner this Sat.
9. Still kicking around composition for the Kentucky Derby artwork - on the back burner.
10. Instead of mass producing my Holiday artwork into greeting cards, I'm embarking on a limited test trial for my personal use - on the back burner.
11. Finish painting started on the sidewalk expedition in Saratoga - in progress.
12. Continue working on mural for the yacht "Unbridled" - ongoing.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Last of Saratoga

This will be the last of my Saratoga musings. It's already feeling like old news now that I'm full tilt back home. Today was the last day of their meet and I'm reluctantly putting it to bed for the winter.

equine artVito's "Soave Faire"

My painting "Mirror Image" and "Street Sense" giclee took center stage outside in front of Soave Faire. "Mirror Image" is an imposing 2'x8'. It's one of those edgy, exploratory paintings that stops people and beckons a closer look.

equidea galleryTerry Lindsey and moi posing at her Equidae Gallery at the Holiday Inn

I'm honored to have been included in Terry Lindsey's elegant exhibit of equine originals at the Holiday Inn on Broadway. Terry does a beautiful job of organizing, designing and presenting this show which is pure class. We're standing in front of "One Mile & a Sixteenth" - eighteen 12" panels depicting and entire race from loading in the gate to pulling up after the wire.

thoroughbred breezingView of morning workout while on our way to breakfast trackside.

congress parkCarousel at Congress Park - 150 years old and still twirlin'.

Goodbye ambiance, so long enchantment, adios good friends, see ya next year.