Thursday, July 11, 2013

Saratoga News

I'm starting to get excited. At first it seems surreal, so far off. Then the realization that opening day is less than two weeks away nervously raises the anxiety level. Am I ready? What needs to be done? A LOT! Then I get panicky and go into overdrive. It's okay, I work well under pressure.

The artists have purchased their own tents this year and we have a new contract with NYRA that offers some pleasant unexpected perks. Here's the new tent installed today:
We'll have an opportunity to paint in the paddock on a rotational schedule. That is so cool! We'll also have an opportunity to have our artwork published on the program cover. Way cool!

This coming Sunday, July14th is the Open House. Admission is free and all are invited. My tent is located directly across from the jockey silks room... so stop by and check it out.

I'll also be exhibiting at the Equidae Gallery located in the Holiday Inn on South Broadway. Terry Lindsey presents a beautiful, elegant show of equine art. We're going to attempt to hang my huge piece Diagonal even if we have to configure the space and/or piece. I've also painted a couple of new pieces that will be included in the exhibit. Click on the image for more info.

It's going to be a great summer at Saratoga.

Happy 150th Anniversary!