Saturday, December 22, 2007

Snow Ponies

Apparently I've b-o-r-e-d some of you with lengthy ruminations of my Year in Review posts. Yawn. Allow me to make amends: these pictures are worthy of Christmas Card status. They're from the lovely photographic blog of Andrea J. Anderson who graciously gave me permission to post.

snow horsesThe thought of snow+cold+horses generally makes me cringe due to frigid years of over wintering at racetracks in the north east. But these photos brought back pleasant memories of my childhood in New England.

horseback ridingOn weekends I worked at a local riding stable. Inclement weather was the only time us kids could could go for "free" rides through the woods in Lincoln, R.I. We were wild and reckless, the horses were full of themselves and somehow, all of us were impervious to the cold.

snow poniesBareback was the norm, and some of us took terrific falls only to jump back on with passionate abandon. I'll bet there were more than a few unreported concussions.

thoroughbred racetracksNow old and warm in Florida, I look forward to my pontoon boat ride at Cedar Key tomorrow.


andrea j anderson said...

thank you so much....and so beautifully written...A proffessional through & through! and your memories from RI sound wonderful.

Nancy Moskovitz said...

These are great photos! Maybe you bored some with your previous posts, but you reminded me to do same. I am going to take Alyson's approach of focusing on accomplishments.
The Appleton Biennial should sooooo accept your paintings! Best of luck.

Sharon Crute said...

Thanks Andrea and Nancy. Later this week I'll post my "What I Did" for 2007. I encourage everyone to partake of this empowering exercise. I'll be checking for yours Nancy.