Thursday, June 08, 2017

The Last Blog Post

This will probably be the last of over ten years of blogging on Google's Blogger. Unless something warrants a continuation, I'm transferring my blogging over to my website. My website service provides a blogging platform that will publish new posts onto the home page of my site.

A couple of reason why I'm doing this:

I'm no longer achieving the search rankings for this blog in the manner I'm used to. Differing opinions about this range from Google would like to phase out this free service to Google is creating new opportunities for journalists and Google News through their Blogger service. Not being obsessive  with SEO, I just want to tell my stories and form relationships with people who like my artwork.

I'm agreeable to the fact that the new blog will be integrated into my website. Clicking the link to access this blog (Art of Horse Racing) takes you away from my website to this remote site and I don't think that makes sense for good marketing. Honestly - I want to capture and keep your attention amongst my pictures!

The cons:

I've been using Blogger for almost 11 years. There is a lot of history and experience recorded here. This has been on my mind for quite awhile and I'm hesitant about the change. Looking into ways to download and save it for posterity is a definite option.

If you subscribe to this blog, you can also subscribe to the new one. The links for recent posts will be down on the left side of the home page of my website. On the first post, scroll to the bottom and click on the little grid which will take you to "blog home". This will become much easier when I take down the old blog from the menu and replace it with the new.

For now, I'll leave the old blog up for a few weeks. If you'd like to peruse the past posts, please enjoy.

Many gracious thanks to all of you who read my blog over the years and especially thank you for your comments. I could not make my art without your encouragement and support. Truly.

I'm not going away, just moving!