Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Year in Review #2

From Goals 2007:
  • As the projects grow in physical size, I intend to seek corporate clients and representation. I'm thinking lobbys of sports books, walls of race tracks and other sporting facilities, boardrooms, any public buildings, etc.
Not there yet, but I'm planting seeds. A few designers are interested as well as my gallery in Hot Springs. One of my goals for 2008 will be directed at learning how to get to the people who make the art-related decisions at these facilities. I recently applied to attend a marketing workshop sponsored by the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs. In the application, I was required to state what marketing challenges I faced in my career. How do I gain access to these people?? I'm confident that once I can somehow arrange a meeting, I can easily sell myself. More goals from 2007:
  • The cash flow this year was great. However, I'm implementing a new business plan with Michael's help to increase sales. I intend to increase my income by ??? The amount is as large as I can envision.
I'm thrilled to say I've reached my financial goal even though I now realize my "vision" was too limited regardless that it was more than I've ever made from the sales of my paintings and related merchandise (giclees and gift items). I'll increase it by 150% for 2008.


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