Thursday, September 04, 2014

My Reluctant Goodbye

It's bittersweet. I'm both sad for the end and relieved it's over. Another year at Saratoga Race Course concluded on Labor Day and I'm still humming on exhausting energy that just won't quit. I've got orders to fill, deliveries to make and people to contact but I can't seem to focus. Must be symptomatic of PSB (post show blues) or lack of sleep or a combination.

This summer I did make a commitment to eat well and I more or less managed, only sashaying over to the Snack Shack for breakfast on Saturday mornings when both Michael and I opened the booth early. There were some late nights when we were too wired/tired to eat but it didn't hurt us to skip an occasional meal.
It was an improving year for us. I welcomed many repeat clients, realizing how important it is to continue building my equine brand and be where people can dependably find me in the same location. Undeniably, it's an affirming and humbling experience to be sought out by those who love my artwork. The vast majority of folks who visited my booth were wonderful, gracious with their admiration of my artwork and fun to talk to even if they couldn't spend any of their hard-earned dollars. Others freely pulled out a credit card often enough to give me faith that we may indeed be in a recovering economy. May it please be so. It's a relaxed and ambient atmosphere as most are vacationing and enjoying their time from whatever demands the serious. 
And of course, they're visiting the most beautiful, historic and prestigious race track in the USA. Saratoga never, ever disappoints. This summer I said a misty goodbye to Tom Durkin and fell in love with Wicked Strong. Cheered on our girl jock Rosie Napravnik who made the impressive top ten list and was awed by the miraculous comeback of Wise Dan. The best of horse racing's best is all here and it's non-stop entertainment to observe the unfolding dramas from my ringside seat. How can I not show up every summer?

I did my best to do some plein air painting but it's demanding and creates an even longer day. Showed up on the Oklahoma side several mornings before fatigue began to set in. Photographed early mornings with my friend Jim in the main stable area while I picked his brain for marketing ideas (he's a former ad exec). I'm determined to to be present when the foliage changes. I promise myself.
Wonder how many submissions there will be to the Jockey Club for Splashtastic?
It's all,