Wednesday, December 19, 2007

thoroughbred artI received an extremely pleasant e-mail from Dan at this morning notifying me that he had written a review regarding my paintings. Check it out here.

What's so gratifying is that Dan gets it: "Those extra strokes of color flying out from the racehorse’s sides and the jockey’s back are what give her paintings their immediacy and vitality—it’s like the ground is shaking so hard that your eyes can’t focus."

It's an ongoing study of how the eye reacts to a scene of rapid, complex movement. Add to the fray a mix of beating bass sound and you've got a fascinating fusion of how the brain reacts to intensive stimuli and what will be committed to memory. Focus is highly selective depending on the observer. Encountering this amount of frenetic activity within a fleeting moment requires visual editing. Some lines and forms will appear sharply delineated and others will blur. This is why I advise young artists to soften and even lose a line - the eye just doesn't see everything in it's visual field all clean and crisp.

So many thanks to Dan at The website contains a plethora of information for artists and art lovers. You are even invited to submit your artwork (as I did) and/or an article. There are some wonderfully noteworthy contributors.


Nancy Moskovitz said...

Of course he gets it! Go for the Biennial. Include the review.

Sharon Crute said...

I intend to Nancy. Thank you so much for your important support.