Monday, October 26, 2009


My first fine art festival.

Oh yes, I've participated in numerous outdoor events of an equine nature. Those would be horse shows, steeplechase and race tracks when they'll have me.

This is the painting I began and shortly put away during last winter's season of horse and art recession. Missing my muse terribly, the festival was a good excuse to to revisit and make amends.

horse racing"Vying for Position" oil on canvas, 48"x68"

My studio and gallery partner, Jackie Schindehette and I each won an award. For mine, I have to thank, you guessed it, my muse(s).

art festivalJackie & moi in my booth at the Ocala Fine Arts Festival.

"A couple of guys won Academy Awards for the things that I turned down. Today, after coming to terms with everything, after being in therapy for a long time-there are areas where I will compromise. " - Mickey Rourke

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Preview Party

Consider this your invitation to our Pre-Ocala Fine Arts Festival Preview Party.

All are welcome and of course it's free. Get a sneak peek of our paintings being exhibited at the festival this coming weekend. My partner Jackie Schindehette is the hostess providing vittles as well as libations. Please come.

At our new studio/gallery:
108 E. Fort King St.
Ocala, FL 34479
(one block south of the central square)
Friday, October 23rd, 5-8pm

"I had reservations about making art a business, but I got over it." - Mary Boone

Saturday, October 10, 2009

October Newsletter

I'm painting. And painting. Wanted to get the big canvas finished therefore everything else in my life has been neglected (this blog, husband, deranged cat, housework, etc.). As of this post it's finished but letting it sit for a few days so the flaws will make themselves annoyingly evident. Michael actually made a list of objectionable aspects such as: no forelocks are under the browbands (the better to add the dynamic), eyes have no color, bit at odd angle, suggest stick in jock's hand and the list goes on. He's like a professional witness. Gotta love and appreciate the honest critiques.

equine artHere's a link to my latest newsletter with info on upcoming exhibits:
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"The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender". - Vince Lombardi