Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Website Hacking Update

Google has removed the dreaded "Reported Attack Page"from my website and e-mail.

My biggest concern was losing the trust and confidence of the very people to whom I've worked so hard to create relationships. Clients, collectors, potential collectors, people who just like my artwork, my friends and fellow artists. I know if I landed on a page blasting that red-text warning, I would click away as fast as my spastic index finger could tap a mouse. That possibility was so disheartening - over and above losing several years of work.

Time to move on. I'm pleased with FASO, the website hosting service for artists, and I've put up a very simple site just to get back online. It's so easy even Michael is helping me. Not much design flexibility, however, did I mention I wanted to simplify? I'm determined to enjoy this.

Thank you to everyone who was supportive through this ordeal and I'm grateful for all who have stuck with me. Change of subject:

Oh no! It's Dave on the loose in the studio!

With relief,

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Horrible Hidious Heinous Hackers from Hell

At first I was furious. I took it as a personal assault. What sick, twisted freak would do this to an artist? When I clicked to my website, a window popped up stating "Reported Attack Page!". What the....?
After contacting Yahoo who has hosted my website since 2000, they proceeded to pass the buck to Google. When I finally reached a genuine human within the vastness, I was directed to a website that would provide step by step instructions to help. Uh-uh.

If you have a website and you've never authenticated it with Google, I strongly advise you do it now. Google does have useful webmaster tools but your site must be authenticated. How was I to know that? And...I can't accomplish that step because my site is re-flagged and I've become a whirling dervish.

So, I've been hacked. I pulled my entire site down, all 857 files and 27 folders representing six or so years of work for my designer Julie K and myself. I don't have time nor do I care to allot resources to rebuild from scratch in Dreamweaver. I've signed on with this site building service for artists: Fine Art Studio Online (FASO). I won't have the flexibility and control to appease this perfectionist, but the templates are clean, simple and showcase the art.

Please hang in there with me. I'll be back up and running ASAP.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

We're Jumping! Revised Steeplechase Schedule

The Saratoga race meet is my yearly golden show. With the entire scheme is place, we're building an impressive inventory for the six week gig. We'll be more than ready.

We plan events, shows and exhibits at least six months out. Which is why it's unusual that Michael would add to the schedule so last minute. The VP in charge of marketing, research and accounts receivable is busy readying for two more steeplechase shows while I paint to complete yet another greyhound.

Here's the revised schedule where I'll be set up showing my artwork for the next three weekends:

If you live close to one of these venues and you've never attended a steeplechase, I can recommend a hoot of a good time. In addition to the races, the day is packed with all kinds of family-friendly events from frenzied Jack Russell races to the craziest very non-couture hat contests. Tailgating is an art unto itself.

Clearing 20"x26" Limited Edition Giclee Fine Art Reproduction on stretched canvas.
Hope to see you at the races!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

First First Friday Art Walk

The very successful First Friday Art Walk in Ocala, Florida was the brainchild of my husband Michael Bray. We set out to repeat the event here in the Arts District of Saratoga Springs. Armed with organizing experience, I think our first Art Walk was a wonderful success. Artists lined Beekman Street showing off their artwork as impromptu musicians strolled in and out of the crowd. Because it was so well attended, we have plenty of room to expand into a go-to Friday night party.

Ameyo Amyot demonstrates pottery sculpting techniques on her front porch...
Amy Atkins with her beautiful prints and pottery in front of the Textile Studio...
Local resident Mike brings out his big guitar and big talent...
Inside the eclectic Feneex Gallery...
How could I resist painting on the sidewalk with the rest of the artists? Behind me is painter Steve Hill working on his vegetable series and hiding behind him is Jackie Royal stitching her needlepoint canvases of...graffiti!

The party continued way past 8:00pm. I'm still recuperating.
Happy tired,