Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Promised You Some Big News

But first:

My paintings have arrived at the beautiful Equidae Gallery at the Holiday Inn on Broadway in Saratoga Springs, NY. Fellow equine artist Terry Lindsey works an elegant miracle in organizing this spectacular presentation of not only her own terrific artwork but also the work of a formidable group of incredible horse artists. The gallery is just lovely and I'm honored to be included. If you're lucky enough to be in Saratoga this summer, DO make a point of stopping by - you'll be glad you did. And don't forget the Champagne Opening Reception on Friday evening, August 7th at 6-8pm.
santa anita
Check out this fascinating website for horse lovers: The Equinest. It contains all kinds of extremely interesting topics that sets it apart from the rest. And I mean it's intriguing. This week an interview of moi is featured: Horse Artist Interview - Sharon Crute. It was fun answering the engaging questions. Read about my early years on the race track.

Okay, the big news: (drum roll)

I've teamed up with very well-known landscape painter Jackie Schindehette to open a studio/gallery space in a retail storefront in downtown Ocala. The impetus was my majorly disappointing negotiations with NYRA for vendor space at Saratoga that fell flat. But that's old news and this is new.

The timing is right, the price is incredibly right, the location is perfect, my partner is perfect. Together, Jackie and I look forward to painting, talking, schmoozing, painting, selling, marketing, promoting, and did I mention, painting? We'll be active participants in the downtown Ocala revitalization and look forward to a successful venture. It's my "Plan B" and am I ever jazzed! We're planning a preview opening on August 20th to coincide with "Thursday Girls Night Out" and an official opening on Sept. 1st. There is a down side to our exciting news - we'll be next door to Ocala Chocolates and Confectioners. Uh-oh.

Jackie is an important member of our salon, "Out of Hand Artists". In addition to being an awesome Florida landscape painter, she has years of experience at outdoor festivals, shows and is a rare artist who is creative AND a savvy business promoter. I look forward to partnering with her in this venture and learning from her vast knowledge.

Art isn't art until it's sold. Until then it's an obsession and a storage problem. - Anonymous

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Few New Pieces

I've been neglecting this blog something awful. No excuses. Apologies to my loyal readers.

Lots of events were set in motion when I finally realized that all my planning and marketing to NYRA was for naught. A year of negotiating, meticulous publicity packages and tentative scheduling were lost to a revolving door of upper management turnover. Lest I digress, let me just say initially, I was devastated before panicking into Plan B.

Hindsight is 20-20 and now I'm actually grateful for the whole bloody experience. Racetracks are wearing full cup blinkers while maintaining antiquated marketing strategies as the bad news just keeps rolling along. So, while I won't be personally traveling to Saratoga this summer, I've sent a few of my paintings up to the beautiful Equidae Gallery at the Holiday Inn and Soave Faire who is carrying my giclees - both on Broadway. The tough part is receiving calls from clients who were planning on visiting my booth on the racetrack grounds. Hear that NYRA? Huh?

Okay, I've vented and now promise you great news in a few days. In the meantime I'd like to show you a few oils that I've recently finished. Smaller, affordable original paintings. Click on the image for the details and info:

cross country eventing"Money in the Bank" oil on panel, 14"x11"

horse in landscape"After Breakfast" oil on canvas, 11"x14"

weanlings running"Weanling Romp" oil on canvas, 11"x14"

"Look for and make your opportunities happen; they are not going to come rushing up to your doorstep. But sometimes they'll be looking you right in the face." - Harley Brown

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Daytime Reception

Three receptions in eighteen hours! Yesterday my artist friend Jackie Schindehette and I headed up to Melrose Bay Gallery to attend the opening exhibit of Florida landscape artist Linda Blondheim. I'm always amazed at how a landscape painter can muddle through and edit all that green flora into a beautiful, cohesive and convincing piece. Linda makes it look easy.

linda blondheim at melrose bay galleryLinda in front of her exquisite paintings of Florida landscapes.

jackie schindehette and linda blondheimFellow landscape artist Jackie Schindehette and Linda Blondheim in front of Linda's paintings.

Linda also writes a facinating blog, Landscapes of the South, that you might want to wander over to visit. Besides her impressive paintings, her blog offers history and info of Linda's favorite places to paint plein air. Oh, and the recipes! Linda was a chef in a former life - attending one of her soirees is a culinary treat.

Custom-made birch panels are Linda's latest substrate of choice. Clean and contemporary, uncluttered by frames, the panels beautifully compliment her clear color and beckoning compositions of light.

"Plein air painting is still an interpretation of reality, even though I am seeing the scene first hand. My "truth" is far more interesting to me than the scene in reality." - Linda Blondheim

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Night of Receptions

Did some gallery hopping last night. First stop - Gallery East in Belleview, Florida.

Gallery East:

Good turnout for this co-op in their new location.

l. to r.: best friend Modrea Seiler, featured jeweler Lynda Ryan in front of her lovely creations, and art lovers Drena & Ken.

Marion Cultural Alliance:

Then it was off to the Mario
n Cultural Alliance in Ocala for their exhibit "Shades of Green".

The gallery was hung beautifully.

l. to r.: moi with attitude, awesome Executive Director of MCA Nancy Ledding, best bud Modrea Seiler, and County Commissioner Barbara Fitos. All strong advocates for the arts.

Wonderful friend and talented artist Kelli Money Huff in front of her textured piece.

Another good artist friend (I love my fellow artists) Carlynne Hershberger with her beautiful mixed media. The "browns" are actually gold leaf that didn't translate in the photo but simply glowed. Kelli Money Huff and Carlynne published a book together entitled "Creative Colored Pencil Workshop".

Designer extraordinaire Paul Ware took an honorable mention for his whimsical stippled drawing. Paul's studio business is Drawn By the Light right here in Ocala.

"Every artist ought to be an exhibitionist." - Egbert Oudendag