Wednesday, December 23, 2009

As Christmas Nears...

It's almost a wrap. This Christmas season, quieter than usual, is the first in my new studio/gallery, Voilart! Except for the panicked husbands and boyfriends who will breathlessly burst in on the eve, I'm ready for eggnog. And my favorite pirate, Captain Morgan.

Our "Marvelous Minis for Merry Making" exhibit went well and will continue through Dec. 31st. It's an opportunity to start a collection or add to without straining the budget. Several were purchased as holiday gifts.

I admit it - I struggled with the technical aspects of painting so tiny. After applying a ground on ten 5"x7" canvas panels, three were completed before I passed the rest over to Jackie's easel. Okay, so I can't depict a field of twelve runners with grandstand in the background on a 5"x7". However, landscape subjects just seemed to lend themselves to the microscopic format. Thank you Jackie for carrying the show. I did have some 8"x10" 's and 11"x14" 's which I was informed qualify as "minis".

miniature horse paintingRemaining "mini" in a nice frame.

Notice the recent absence of racing subjects? I should say: "What's missing from this horse racing blog?"

Here's a start on a perennial favorite: foxhunting. One observer stated: "THAT'S how you draw out a painting? With squiggles? Notice the "squiggles" on the horse to the right. Hey, it's all in the noggin' beforehand.

foxhunting paintingWhen all else is...tentative...there's Dave:

A blessed Christmas to you all. I wish you peace, joy, wisdom and divine guidance in what I affirm is a rapidly improving year of 2010. Hold close those you love and cherish.

"Nothing else will do. All I want is you this Christmas" - N Synch.