Friday, December 07, 2007

My Siamese

Our cat Chow had some mast cell tumors removed yesterday. Usually occurring around the face and ears, three tumors formed on his front ankles. This condition is dire with dogs - our prognosis is better. Apparently, this is somewhat common with Siamese which I did not know.

He's stitched and hurting even with the pain medication. I said no to chemo and a splenectomy. He's fourteen and a precious light in my life. We'll take this no further.

Dr. Jenny Salpeter of Brick City Cat Hospital performed the surgery. I have confidence in her talent and abilities even though I'm a holistic believer. We can take the best from both worlds, can't we?

This ordeal brings thoughts of how we're all affected by cancer in some way, be it through friends, relatives or ourselves. Is our planet so toxic? Or is the detection technology vastly improved? What I do know is that it's so damn prevalent.

Chow came to us in Oakland, California an 1993. We have a history together of travels, travails and hysterical joy. What a pistol and handful of cat he was when he was a kid. He made us laugh to tears.

He still makes me smile when nothing else can.


Linda Blondheim said...

My dog has a reoccuring tumor on his leg. It is cancer but the kind that does not spread. He is old but spry, so I continue to have it removed until such time that he is just too old to withstand the surgery. Then I will have to put him down. I dread it. Best wishes for the health of your beloved cat.

Sharon Crute said...

Thanks for sharing your similar experience with your pooch, Linda.

He gets better everyday, but it's heartbreaking to see him so uncomfortable with stainless steel stitches. We just have to get through this week...