Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Yet Another Blanket Finish

I've completed my fifth "Blanket Finish" greyhound for my excellent client (nine in all). It's becoming repetitive and challenging to invent different designs within the concept. I only have a few colors to work with. Before the smug amongst you state that you could never stoop to do this kind of commercial work...you're probably right. There's stooping, twisting, bending, picking up and laying down, ladder climbing and lots and lots of deep knee bends and squats. My art studio becomes a workout room.

When the hound stands at attention in my living room it sure looks pretty, certain as to why it's been requested over and over. I don't mind this at all. It's part of my role as a self-sustaining artist, all the while spurring creativity within the confines of a predetermined format and idea. I get paid for this and the artwork makes someone very happy. And that, my dears, is priceless.

There's one more to go, but my client has asked me to hang tight. So what to do in the interim? A program cover for an upcoming steeplechase!

Here comes Rusty, again,