Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Year in Review #5

I've finished with the "Business" category and move on t0 the "Artwork":
  • I read recently that one of the mistakes artists make is not determining what direction they want their career path to go in, i.e. becoming a museum artist or an artist that makes $50,000 yearly. (that's all?) I say why can't an artist do both - create museum worthy artwork that SELLS.
I believe in that goal more than ever. I plan on applying to the Appleton Museum's Biennial Exhibit for 2008 and I just received notification of acceptance to exhibit in a group show at the Elliott Museum in Stuart, Florida. The "group" is five other members of our "Out of Hand Artists" salon. I've met artists who create artwork dependant on grants and prizes to support themselves. Great museum exposure but they're struggling financially. I believe I can compete in these venues AND support myself through sales of my artwork.
  • I intend to learn e-bay once and for all and offer "painting a day" size originals from this blog and the website.
This is just not for me, period. My focus is elsewhere.
  • The book. The book will be finished and in print by...drum roll please...summer 2007. There it is in writing. About twenty-five more drawings and we've got ourselves a best-seller!
No way. As much as I've worked on the drawings and very close to that "twenty-five" goal, I have other priorities. I refuse to beat myself up over this. When the time is right it's just right.
  • I will consider...consider, mind you...renting a larger studio. I love working at home but realistically I outgrew my studio years ago. Plus, Michael needs more space for his office and printing which will move him into my current studio space.
This is still an issue. I did inquire about some spaces throughout the year that were either too expensive, too far from home or not quite the space I need which is a high ceiling height. Michael and I are now considering building a studio in our back yard or adding on to the house. This will increase the value of the property and I'll get the specific space required for my needs.

Tomorrow it the "personal" category...

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