Sunday, December 23, 2007

Canoeing Instead Of Pontooning

Morning brought dense fog, cool temps and a strong breeze so we shifted plans to rent a pontoon boat out at Cedar Key. Instead, we headed back to the Ocklawaha River and put in at the Outpost. The river was a bit busy on a Sunday but the weather turned out gorgeous. My friend Lynn came with and as I've stated before, she is photographer extraordinaire.

oklahawa riverWe only saw a few gators due to the boat traffic. This was the biggest we spotted, about a four footer.

alligatorsJuvenile ibis were plentiful. Lynn didn't see the gator behind them until she edited the photos back at home. One of those rare, lucky events.

gatorsTurtells abound.

When we we got back to the boat ramp, we met Capt. Natural-Lee who had rigged his canoe out quite creatively. A self-described author, adventurer, philosopher and all around nice guy, which he is, it was a hoot to spend some time talking with him. Moments like these are what make life so fascinating.


<---This kills me.

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