Monday, August 03, 2015

Day 9 - Forty Paintings in Forty Days

Michael has offered to help me with other time arrangements. Because the sun is rising later, I may  have him drop me off at Oklahoma before he heads over to the frontside to open the booth, around 8 or 9. I won't be so rushed and will have more time to think clearly.

First light at sunrise is difficult. It's a challenge when painting plein air. Some artists are beautifully experienced with capturing the rapidly changing light. I'm not. Soft and gentle when it first appears over the horizon, it spreads a quiet film of warm light. Then it strengthens as the morning progresses into a brighter and harder edge...quickly.

I asked D. Wayne for permission to set up on his grass next to his lawn jockey. Across the way is the back of Nick Zito's barn with a row of gigantic twisted trees, probably planted at the end of the nineteenth century. I'm determined to get past this mud and paint them convincingly. Consulted with my mentor today, Robert Stebleton who gave me some great advice and suggestions. One important tip is to slooooow down.
Back of Zito's Barn, 10"x8", oil on panel
Out of breath,

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