Friday, August 21, 2015

Day 21 - Forty Paintings in Forty Days

Today's painting is a wee one as we are gearing up for the next week of celebrations and there is so much non-stop work. It will be total madness of the anticipated kind if THE HORSE makes it here next week. Tomorrow is the Alabama and I will be in the booth all day. No painting of the day.

I didn't get over to Oklahoma until late afternoon. A strong breeze came up with the front that cleared out the oppressive heat and humidity and the clouds were zooming past fast and furious. It occurred to me that I rarely paint clouds, preferring simple skies.

Three Quarter Pole, 5"x7", oil on panel

I also don't like blue skies in my paintings but there's just a touch pthalo green and blue to indicate that it's a perfect summer day. I used my palette knife to cut in the fences in the background and the highlights in the foreground. The Phipps stable was behind me and they won at least one race. It was so pleasant to overhear the banter and activity as I worked. Those are the times I miss.

What I learned today: it is more difficult to mix a correct color from life than it is when working from a photo. So much bounce light and local color reflecting everywhere.

Like a multi-faceted prism,

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