Thursday, August 13, 2015

Day 15 - Forty Paintings in Forty Days

I went out early this morning, around 5:30. My original plan was to paint a backlit scene of the starting gate. As I pulled into the parking area, a young man (wearing a NYRA Parking t-shirt) approached me to inform me that I couldn't park here. It's reserved for security. What? It was fine a week and a half ago. He implored me that his boss would be very upset if he didn't enforce the "rules". There was only one other car and it's 5:30am and I'll only be here a couple of hours. I told myself to go park elsewhere and not give the kid a bad time.

I ended up in a trainers stand at the end of the chute. I loved the diagonal lines created by the fences even though my perspective was from above.

The Chute, 7"x5", oil on panel
Glad I did,

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