Sunday, August 30, 2015

Day 25 - Forty Paintings in Forty Days

This is last Friday's effort. I'm falling behind schedule due to the incredible Traver's weekend. I finally met Thomas Allen Pauly in person who is American Pharoah's Official Triple Crown Artist. He's a great guy and multi-talented artist. Spent a bit of time showing him around Oklahoma and talking art/horses in my booth.

I photographed this scene with my good camera from several angles to use as reference for a later studio painting. I love the light filtering through the translucent white bandages and I want to spend more time getting the hang of this backlighting. However, this one is purely plein air:

Bandage Laundry, 9"x12", oil on canvas
Today I'm debating if I'll attempt to go out and paint later this afternoon at all. I'd love to but my body is not cooperating by giving me a very sore throat (and not from screaming during the Travers). Just a reminder of what a breakneck schedule we keep, sleep being non-existent on the list of priorities.

Cough, sniff,


Jo Castillo said...

Wow, a busy time. I have enjoyed all your forty days paintings. Applause! My dad was a horse trainer when I was 5 and I love all these full of atmosphere!

Sharon Crute said...

How wonderful that you had the chance to grow up with horses Jo! Did he train thoroughbreds or another genre?