Friday, October 27, 2006

Ethereal Week

This has been one of those weeks when upon rising in the morning, you hit the floor running , go go go all day, drop into bed exhausted, and still don't seem to accomplish much. Health has been an issue as well. I got some work done on the big "multiple canvas project" until I ran out of two important colors, yellow ochre and burnt umber. Ocala is to be desired in the art supply market, so Sunday I'm driving down to Altamonte Springs to Pearl Paint to replenish. The normal sized tubes of oil won't cut it with me, I need the BIG ones.

I've got some irons in the fire though - a couple of local projects of note that I've put on my calender. I'm going to exhibit at the Stallion Parade next month. I'm entering the "Best of the Season" exhibit at Brick City Artists' Association at Central Florida Community College. I'll submit a concept for the 50th Anniversay Poster at CFCC. I also received an invitation to apply for inclusion in a traveling art exhibit from a very prestigious gallery in Kentucky. And I'll work on my artist's statement for the Weekend Professional Development Retreats for Artists. Also getting my new website tweeked. It needs lots of work but it looks fabulous...check it out:

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Thanks for your help. :)

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