Sunday, October 08, 2006

Back on a Horse

Yesterday I went to visit my friend Julie who I used to work with at Wire to Wire. We actually met years ago in California but that's another story. She and hubby Marcos have a gorgeous little five acre farm in northwest Ocala, across and next to millionaire thoroughbred breeders. Julie has two thoroughbreds that she bred, raced, and retired into pets. How awesome. She invited me to go riding. It's been ten years. And yes it is like the bicycle saying - it all came back. We rode down the street past those $$$ farms with yearlings following us along the fence line. Then down a dirt road past more farms. The area is incredibly beautiful and peaceful.

Here's Julie hosing down "the boys". When I think about how much time I spend working in the studio I feel like I'm losing out on the joys of life. How pathetic. I love my work with a passion but I'm feeling the weary warning signs of burnout.

If I didn't have the horses for distraction I would become a self-imposed recluse. As it is, there are days and days that I never leave the property. My canoe is turning green and I never made it to the beach all summer.

Julie turns them loose after bathing. Although she has several paddocks, they are free to roam around the property. I've been thinking about this experience and am making a commitment to get out of the studio and enjoy myself. Play. Have some fun. Keep in touch with my great friends. I may even go out to OBS (Ocala Breeders Sales) this week to check out the sales and see who's there.

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