Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Another Try with E-Bay

I painted this little piece a couple of weeks ago. It's a head portrait embellished with gold leaf. I also embellished the frame. I think it's a little "jewel" of a painting and I enjoyed creating it. I made one last winter which was much smaller and it was snapped up immediately. The only drawback is that it's difficult to capture the true luster of the gold in a photograph. I'm still experimenting with this online auction stuff. That's okay, I'm learning. I'll keep trying different formats until I find one that works. Please feel free to advise. Click here for the auction.


Jessi said...

Sharon... this is beautiful!
I'm interested in seeing how things go with auctioning.

Sharon Crute said...

Thanks Jessi...still figuring out the online auctions and learning as I go. One thing I dicovered, albeit late in the auction...the title line should contain words revelant to a search, even if it looks awkward. I originally entered a frou frou description which won't take anyone to the auction site.