Friday, October 20, 2006

Melancholy Day

I delivered my 12" square canvas for the "Block Party" project sponsored by the Marion Cultural Alliance today. Several had already been turned in and it was interesting to see the diversity in style, content, interpretation, etc. This is going to be a unique project. Again, look to Nancy Moskovitz's blog for the details.

Yesterday was a defining moment in love/hate relationships. Howie ran dead last for reasons we're still not completely sure of and he was claimed. Maggie ran a game second to a 3-2 buzzsaw which was overshadowed by our concern and angst over Howie. This is the "business" and one must be ever aware of the possibilities when entering in claiming races. It still sucks. We know the consequence of attachment yet we're still human and we are bonded to these living animals. God's precious race horses, in my opinion. So, I love this game with a passion but I hate this impersonal shift in ownership. All we can do is make their time with us as positive an experience as possible and when they must leave us, say a prayer for their well-being. My heart still aches for their confusion and Michael's deep sadness.

Here's Maggie in her stall after cooling out from her race. I promised the groom not to take any photos before the race (it's bad luck). The racetrack is fraught with superstition and these opinions must be respected.

She's bright and alert looking out from her stall occasionally. Might miss something. I believe that these competitive athletes know when they've performed well.

Michael got a call at about 7:00 pm after the races from a member of the Ocala Municipal Arts Commission stating that the person scheduled to interview on the local radio show in the morning had cancelled and would he mind doing it? An intense drive home back from Miami ensued and we arrived bleary-eyed after midnight. At 8:00 am he showed up at the station and proceeded to conduct a most excellent last-minute interview with NO preparation. I'm so proud of his professionalism in light of yesterday's events.

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