Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The First Canvases

And so we begin! I sketched out and did a grisaille study. Blocked in some darks and a few details. Choosing the color for the background is always an issue. I want it to resemble the track surface but I also want some vibrancy. Only seven more canvases to go - all attached to each other! I'm really concerned about the logistics i.e. size, weight, etc. Michael says go on with it, we'll figure it out as we go along. That cavalier-game-race track attitude. I'm considering the weight of the heavy-duty stretcher bars all pile up on top of each other and that the project will be over fourteen feet tall when completed. In theory, it's a spectacular piece. In my head it's awesome. Hmmm. I'm figuring how all those canvases will be mounted on the wall while being attached to each other and, how to attach? Sculptors who create huge pieces several stories high must go through this same apprehension. And, I won't be able to assemble it when it's finished in my studio as my max ceiling height is nine feet.

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