Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Breeders' Cup

I spent all of Saturday afternoon, for six hours or more watching the Breeders' Cup like the rest of the racing world. I admit my participation is mostly self-serving in keeping an eye on the events of my clients/potential clients. Interesting to note the circles of direction racing takes, i.e. who's hot, not, rising stars, fading stars, frustrated stars, etc. I found the interview with the owners of Lava Man to be particularly interesting. Can't remember which partner (Dave Kenly or Jason Wood, pardon me gentlemen) waxing philosophical about their rare fortune to claim their "blue collar" horse for $50,000, when indeed, the huge majority of such claims are lucky to yield a resultant $10,000 horse or less. Now there's a realistic investor.

Congratulations to trainer Doug O'Neill. Many years ago when Michael and I had a small stable at Bay Meadows, Doug had one horse right next to ours. He came to the barn very early to get his one horse out and then had to leave to work a job as a cable TV installer. Success could not have happened to nicer, classier guy.

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