Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Getting the Work Out

Pardon my poor photography but I still think this looks cool. Here's "Blue Blinkers" in the conference room at Farm Credit of North Florida. It's at the head of the table and I love the way it reflects in the wood sheen. Dori Morgan invited me to hang some pieces in their newly remodeled offices. I'm grateful for the opportunity as these paintings are stored my studio in the rack. Can't sell them if no one sees them. As I've promised myself, I'm making an effort to get out of the studio and get more involved in the community and also with local art groups and events.

I finished my "block" for the latest project sponsored by the Marion Cultural Alliance. It's a 12" square canvas which will form a patchwork display with 200 other canvases created by local artists. I think this will be a kick. For more info, check out Nancy Moskovitz's blog, she explains the project in detail.

Sent out some e-mails today to some galleries in Kentucky and Virginia. I have an appointment next Tuesday with a gallery in Lexington, KY but I'm a bit apprehensive. I'm trying to pay attention to my feelings and question exactly why I feel this way. They seem luke warm regarding giclees, not because they don't handle prints but they don't want to pay the high-end prices for them. Still prefer colorless, fading off-set lithos. However, I need a solid presence in Kentucky and hopefully they'll want to deal with the originals.

Howie (a.k.a. Howdy Pardner) and Maggie (a.k.a. Seeking First) are both in tomorrow at Calder. I'm going to Miami watch them run this time but it's a flying trip for me, down and back. I really want to be there this time. They're in the 3rd and 8th races, respectively.

My re-designed website is up! It's got some tweaking and fixing to be done but it looks sooo much better than what I had. Kudos to my web guru, Angee Chase of Webwrx. Check it out:

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