Saturday, October 07, 2006

Beautiful Mornings

Yesterday, my friends Helenea and Steve came to the barn bright and early to watch Howie breeze 5/8ths.
The weather is blessedly starting to cool off here in central Florida. Everything is bathed in golden sunrise and fog.

I'm walking beside Howie as he makes his way down the track. He's got his eye right on me and the camera. Mr. Personality Plus.

Howie's regular exercise rider is Hall of Fame jockey Mary Russ, now Mary Tortora. How cool is that?

Today I've been invited by another friend, Julie, to go riding with her. It's been ten years since I've been on a horse and I can't wait. She has two retired thoroughbreds, Miles and Kimba. It feels so good to be getting out of the studio.


Anonymous said...

I loved seeing the photo of Mary!
I rode with her at Hobeau Farm back in the early 70's. Would love to hear from her.
Can you get my email address to her? Dawn Altman (nee Youngblood)- I will send the email address if you contact me.

Sharon Crute said...

Dawn, I would be happy to pass along your e-mail address to Mary. You can send it to me at: