Monday, November 05, 2007


I'm busy slapping paint on canvas and tending to all other art business related chores. I'm taking marketing very seriously and must say I'm proud of how organized I've become. List making helps me focus on what to get done and when. It's satisfying to cross off the "to do's" with a flourish. Damn, I'm amazingly prolific. Yeah, yeah, yeah - I'm aware of my compulsive workaholic tendencies.

show jumpingNow here's some things I won't do: speculative paintings. Nope, no more. Every time I allow myself to get talked into one I eat it. This includes the Street Sense giclee reproductions and the H.I.T.S. cover art. It's non-productive and takes away from the money-making artwork. An artist can only create a certain amount of paintings a year and they've got to have financial impact. Truly matter. I'll only do bona fide commissions sans vague requests and promises of glory. Everyone is willing to further my career by giving me important "exposure" as long as I provide free artwork.

Here's one thing I will do: paint a lawn jockey!

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