Monday, November 12, 2007

All the Pretty Horses

I'm haven't been discussing any new work because I'm still involved with the large mural commission. It's a bear in myriad ways but I'm coming to terms and seeing light down that suffocating tunnel.

I strain to be me, to be "dynamic" and inject the piece with energy, movement and perhaps a bit of violence. Everyday Michael reminds me to seek that place where my client is...and it's calm, peaceful and dare I say, joyful. No wild eyes, no flaring nostrils, no crashing surf. So I fret then I acquiesce. I restrain, pull in the reins, then I rebel. Blood pressure increases, breath quickens. Seeking a suitable compromise in meditation, I cross over to a milieu of serenity, then stifle boredom. There are many lessons to be learned from this painting. My wise friends have advised me to embrace my client's sensibilities, go there, be there, it's all good. But it's not comfortable, not zone friendly.

Today I worked on the horses. I feel much better. Yes, they sure are pretty.

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