Friday, November 09, 2007

More Artists I Admire

A few weeks back while in Lexington, KY, we had some time to kill before John Henry's Memorial Service. I had seen the downtown Thoroughbred Park but never up close and personal.thoroughbred parkIn my opinion, Gwen Reardon is the most awesome living horse sculptress today. Maybe ever.

lexington kentuckyThese life-size race horses are nothing short of magnificent. The knowledge of anatomy and attention to detail that only an artist of experience or a shrewd researcher could attain is amazing.

horse racingMy bestest and dearest friend Lynn accompanied us on the excursion. She is photographer extraordinaire and took most of these photos minus this one. That's her and moi posing for scale.

kentucky horse parkGwen Reardon also created some lovely sculptures at the Kentucky Horse Park. Her foals are endearingly lovely.

horse sculptureI don't think Gwen did this sculpture at the Kentucky Horse Park but we loved it just the same.

When I make the big bucks, my garden will be full of incredible sculptures like these.

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