Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween Anniversary

Yesterday was Michael's and moi's anniversary. Macabre? On Halloween? You betcha.

It was 1980. We had two horses in at Calder - one in an early race and one in the last. We ran the first one (can't remember how it did), cooled it out and did it up. We then hurried over to the racetrack chaplain, Rev. Holsomer (bless his soul) and asked him to marry us. We had all the appropriate paper work acquired through blood tests. He informed us that two witnesses were required. Resourceful Michael ran over to the HBPA (Horsemans' Benevolence and Protection Association) and asked the secretary, Alice Michael if she would be a witness. He then rushed over to A.E. Cohen's, an well-known institution of clothing and racing accessories and asked Mr. Cohen if he'd witness the event. Both Mrs. Michael and Mr. Cohen acquiesed and we still call it our Kosher wedding. After the brief ceremony we ran back to the barn to get the other horse ready for the last.

Romantic, huh?

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