Monday, November 26, 2007

Artist to the Stars

Received a phone call from my book partner today. She's psyched to get back into production but I explained to her that I own a couple of big fat frogs to eat before Christmas. Seems I'm going to get hit with the old last minute slam as usual but I'm up to the task.

Being the writer extraordinaire, she made a suggestion for an article she'd like to tackle for national dissemination. Titled: "Artist to the Stars", she wants to feature some of my well-know clients who may or may not be celebrities but who are nevertheless well know in their respective endeavors. Although I explained that I respect the privacy of my clients, it was a delicious idea. Why else would the tabloids and TV rags sell ad space if people weren't paying attention? It's an indulgence for even the most astute of us. Sometimes we're just a little...curious...

Perhaps a "human interest" story?

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