Sunday, October 28, 2007


I'm getting over it. Street Sense got beat and I'll have some schmoozing to do. Forget about the reproductions unless I can interest Darley Stud where the boy's headed. The original should sell when the horse people roll back into Hot Springs in January. This is why I don't care to do fans have such short memories.

ocala art festivalWe've had some dreary weather in Ocala for the last few days but the rain held off bringing out the crowds for the Ocala Arts Festival.

landscape paintingArtist Mary Verrandeaux has a great looking booth showcasing her vivid, appealing landscapes. She's also a friend and OoHA member. I admire her professional efforts and big thinking. A career to watch and follow...

florida landscapeTwo more OoHA members: Jackie Schindehette and equine artist Moe Hahn in Jackie's booth. Jackie paints lovely Florida landscapes in oil and is incredibly successful with the outdoor festival circuit. Moe and I are great buddies commiserating together about the fickle world of equine art.

infrared photographyPhotographer extraordinaire Kent Weakley creates amazing works of art utilizing infrared film techniques. Atmospheric and haunting in a evocative way.

dogs in artDid you know dogs love art festivals?

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