Sunday, November 19, 2006


I believe that race horses run to their names. Consider the names of the big horses this year - Invasor - Barbaro - Bandolini - Lava Man - Gorella. Strong, no-nonsense, in-your-face, powerful names. I just looked over the result charts at Calder for today and I see horses named Chip In A Chair? - Zoobstick? Please.

Maggie is the nickname for Seeking First. Nicknames evolve naturally in accordance with an revealing personality. The character Maggie in the movie "Million Dollar Baby" was a tenacious female prizefighter. Our Maggie walks over people, ever ready, poised to go in a dogged determination whenever approached to train or just go outside. The halter is presented, Maggie is on her way.

In her race last week, Maggie was almost knocked down by the inside horse. She and her rider checked sharply and ended up last by many lengths. She endured this nasty rap, this bruise on her shin and still ran on to finish a very close third. Heart and courage.

Maggie's boo boo. A slight cut, lots of swelling, painful to the touch. Yet she is still jumping and playing around the barn. Resilience.

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