Thursday, November 16, 2006

Another Update

I've finished three canvases for the multi-canvas project. Only six more to go! Due to the holiday commission crunch time, the project will be set aside for several weeks.

I pulled apart these two canvases and I'm surprised that the gesso is sticking together on the sides. It easily separated when I ran my palette knife between them but it's another perplexing challenge that's a first for me. Now that the image and the application of paint is beginning to take shape, I'm very happy with the direction this is all going. And speaking of paint application, I'm really stepping out of the box with this one. Lots of luscious thick paint applied with brush and palette knife, scraped down, thinned, layered upon layer, scumbled and I have to resist the urge to eat it! Paint for paintings sake.

Maggie finished 3rd at Calder this afternoon (a.k.a. Seeking First). I didn't go down to Miami with Michael as the studio is getting busy. I watched her race on satellite and it appeared that she was badly impeded by the inside horse which caused her to check and drop way back of the pack, maybe 20 lengths. She was totally off the TV screen until a few yards before the wire and then there she was coming on like a freight train! She was in a photo for second, getting beat for everything only about a length and a half. Good girl!

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