Monday, November 06, 2006

Update on Multi-Canvas Project

Added another smaller canvas to the right side. This project is fraught (love that word) with technical challenges. When I attached the new canvas it became evident how much the wooden stretcher bars had bowed. They're heavy duty and braced - still they bow. It isn't noticeable until placed up against each other, then a sliver of daylight peeks through. Now I'm wondering about every canvas I've ever stretched. I'm sure our Florida humid weather contributes. I clamped the canvases together tightly with several C-clamps and I think the wood is relaxing into it's original straightness.

Here's the bottom canvas that I leaned up against the easel to get an idea of the scale and direction all this is headed. I'm still concerned with the weight and I won't be able to assemble it in my small studio. My neighbor visited to see what I was working on and he offered his pool house to use as an alternate workspace. Damn considerate of him but the ceilings are still only nine foot like mine.

Things are happening everyday. I received an invitation to participate in a traveling exhibit hosted by Cross Gate Gallery in Lexington, Kentucky. Very prestigious, upscale gallery featuring sporting art. The exhibit will consist of foxhunting artwork.

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