Friday, September 01, 2006

Trying E-Bay

After spending some time with an internet marketing guru a couple of days ago, I feel like I'm missing the boat regarding internet marketing of my artwork. There are infinite tools out there to drive hits to my website and blog. I thought I'd do a test run on e-bay, and it's day three and there've been no bids. I put up some very popular low-end placemats which I can never keep in stock, so I've obviously got lots to learn about increasing exposure. And there are only 3,000 other placemats listed! Perhaps it's the catagory, my images, who knows. I'll just have to figure this out as I go along. It's all so time consuming - time not spent in the studio. Michael keeps telling me to spend one day per week just marketing. I know he's right but that's alot of time! Actually, my work is very well-known with no marketing so imagine...
Here's the link: please bid!

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