Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Howie's Home

Howie (a.k.a. Howdy Pardner) came home yesterday after finishing a strong third at Calder on Sunday. He looked like he was going to win it at the top of the stretch but got caught at the wire giving up 1/2 length for everything. All you can ever ask for is an honest effort. Just try, and he did, running his best that day. He's such a character and personality, it's great to have him back and he seemed relieved to come home to the farm. Maggie (a.k.a. Seeking First) is his stablemate and she was even happy to see him. They didn't use her race again, the latest being for Wednesday, but it's just as well with the impending tropical storm.

I just had to comment on Alyson Stanfield's blog yesterday. The subject is artist's not knowing their own craft. My comments restate the issue of some of my peers being clueless about what's happening in the artworld. I consider my creation of art a business and can't imagine not being aware of news and events on both a local and international scale. And another related point, these same peers are not engaged in some type of ongoing study. It seems to me that any business is a perpetual learning experience of refining skills and networking, marketing, etc.

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