Thursday, September 07, 2006

Age Ponderings

I messed up the audioblog on Monday when I was attempting to record Maggie's race call. The instructions were clear and direct but a huge storm was approaching and I forgot to press 1 to post it. The wind came up severely and people were dashing for cover as papers swirled and whipped about. She finished fifth in a tremendous headwind. Not sure about Calder and the surface after training on the great track at Gunn Farm.

I had a discussion with an artist yesterday about age and retirement. She stated that she was approaching sixty and in a dilemma about the work involved in marketing her paintings. How much longer did she want to do this? It got me thinking about what retirement is. I always assumed that I would paint and schmooze until I dropped dead (or killed myself). She appeared to be in the same space regarding the marketing aspect of this business and how overwhelming the work load can be. I can't even remember the last time I had a day off and experienced what it is to relax. My vacations are "working vacations" which means I'm on the road selling or helping Michael run his horses.

Happy birthday to my dearest friend and fellow artist, Lynn Occhiuzzo! She and her partners have carved out a unique and profitable niche in the computer animation field. Check them out at Swarm Interactive.

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