Thursday, September 21, 2006

a la Carol Gillot

I was inspired by a blog entry by Carol Gillot, whose blog is titled Paris Breakfasts. It's from Tuesday, September 19th and called "My Candy Store". Carol took photos of art supply store window displays in Paris. She travels to Paris frequently and we get to vicariously accompany her via her blog posts. These window displays are wonderfully cluttered and alluring with the invitation to buy fresh paint or try a new medium. You gaze at them with a familiar longing, perhaps reminiscing, taking in every detail. Oh the delicious fresh paint, so tempting I resist the urge to pop a color right in my mouth! I went back to my studio and there it was - a display worth photographing - my drafting table. Replete with the almost completed composition, tools, pastel box, stray pastel sticks scattered about, reference material and the two rejected comps in the background.

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