Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hooking up with Virtual Terminal

Did you know that when you open an account with PayPal they offer a service that enables you to take credit cards from anywhere? This includes phone, fax, mail, e-mail or, as an artist, at shows. It's called Virtual Terminal. How awesome. Michael says - "Who didn't know that!" and I'm dating myself.

My web guru, Angee Chase of Webwrx is working diligently on the re-design of my website. I think we both under-estimated the amount of dog work involved but when it's finished it'll be so powerful and dynamic. She "listened" to her client (me) and got a feel for what I wanted to convey. This is an issue that I have with my artist peers who don't listen, don't do research or try to get a feel for the needs of their clients. I've already written about this so I'll spare those who've persevered through my rants.

Maggie finished fourth by a nostril. It appears that she doesn't appreciate horses crowding her from the outside. Blinkers are in order. Michael left her at Calder with Milo this week so that she can get some company to break out of the gate and get her blinker card. She's very green and inexperienced having run only four times. This will be good for her although we already miss her.

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