Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Travolta in Ocala

The big news this week here in little 'ol Ocala is John Travolta hosting a dinner and premier opening to his new movie "Wild Hogs" It's the hottest ticket in town.

Only two hundred tickets are being sold by invitation only to arts supporters at $200 a pop. The proceeds are being split between disaster relief for the recent tornado victims and the renovation of the downtown Marion Theater. It will also support the Ocala Film Commission which Travolta supports with efforts to lure film makers to our beautiful area for location. Travolta lives here just north of Ocala at Jumbolair Aviation Estates in Anthony, only about 1/2 mile away from moi's studio on the other side of the tracks, er, road. We hear him fly his jets in and out frequently. From roadside we can actually see the red "V" on the tail of one of his jets .

My mission this week has been to find someone who's attending the soire - who knows and likes me - that I can impose upon to give Travolta my business card. That's all - just put the card in the palm of his hand. Or Kelly's if she's with him. Oh, I've been making calls all day. Part of the new shameless self-promoting me! It's all marketing, marketing, marketing on both our parts. Stay tuned...

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