Monday, February 12, 2007

Gulfstream Park in the New Millenium

Spent a fabulous weekend in Fort Lauderdale with my sweetie staying at the cottage of my best and dearest friend Lynn. She and I attended art school together a hundred years ago and she has made WAY good. Cruised around in her Mercedes convertible with my hair whipping in the warm sunshine. Lynn's company is Swarm Interactive which produces animations for the Discovery Channel and other huge clients but their primary business is creating medical animations which they market to surgical specialists. $$$. Can you smell it?

I wanted to see the new Gulfstream Park and I have one word for it - spectacular. It reminded me a lot of Del Mar with a mission style architecture sans history but it was awesome nonetheless. Everything is first class and impressive. Chandeliers abound. Sections are still under construction however the potential is evident.

We're standing on the second floor looking down over the outside paddock. The horse people have the option of saddling in secluded stalls just inside this gorgeous space or bringing the show out here. This is where the jocks get thrown up regardless.

Here's a wider view. Check out the architecture. It wraps the paddock in a huge half circle. Adequate seating thoughtfully lines the enclosure for public viewing. No more jostling for a better look (except on big race days).

Of course, the big draw at Gulfstream is the Casino-style slots which were voted in a couple of years back.

The slots no longer ding ding ding but rather possess a surreal hum with tonal variations. I disliked this aspect of the facility yet lovingly, romantically adored the racing experience. I know I'm set in my ways and not the brightest bulb in the room but I could not figure these puppies out. Consider the power of this row upon row of humming automatons supporting the visually beautiful and exciting sport of horse racing. When we walked out of the casino I was greeting by screaming fans rooting their horses home in front of a plasma TV. Thank goodness.

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