Friday, February 16, 2007

Chuggin' Along

Okay, I'm neglecting the blog again. The OBS Day at the Races was Monday and the Select Two Year Old Sale was Tuesday. The rest of the week has been fraught with "meetings." These meetings comprised of sales and potential sales and inquiries into a new line for small end merchandising. So it's not like I've been loafing. I spent today watering and covering plants in preparation for our 24 degree weather tonight. My lemon tree is in full bloom - not good for these temperatures. Oh, and my dear partner/business manager is down with the flu and I had to insist that he stay in bed for the weekend as we have a ton of work to produce next week - so get better!

Back to the OBS sale. It went very well according to all the numbers and statistics. One caveat - I went over to chat with the lady who dispenses the catalogs and she told me they ran out by 12:30 and people were not polite about it. Can't blame them. How can you do business without a catalog? I arrived early, about 10 am (the sale didn't start until noon) and I was surprised at the people who were asking where they could get a catalog, which can only mean there were a lot of first timers. Hmm. Sorry for no photos, the batteries to my camera were dead.

Sold some giclees to Ocala Jai Alai. Their official opening was today after closing to re-model. The place looks great and so do my giclees on the wall of the Horseman's Lounge! They were stressed about not being completely finished but I told them neither is Gulfstream Park and the place is happily packed.

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