Saturday, February 24, 2007

Misty Morning Hounds

For the last couple of years I've been invited by some of the members of Misty Morning Hounds to attend one of their hunts to photograph. Having a painting included in the "Masters of Foxhounds Association of America" traveling art exhibit encouraged me to finally contact this Gainesville based organization. I asked my fellow equine artist friend, Moe Hahn, to come with. The weather was perfect, the members were so friendly and accomodating and we simple has a blast in the "tally ho wagon" snapping pics all morning.

Don't you love this classic Florida winter landscape with the cypress tree and moss-laden trees in the background?

This is a drag hunt club. It was explained to me how meticulously the "drag" is planned to mimic an actually hunt. However, no animals are harmed in the hunt. Alexis L. Macaulay, Jt. MFH is the "Mistress of Hounds".

There were three "kills" this morning. The hounds follow the scent trail to a "kill" of biscuits and scraps of meat.

After the final "kill". All are looking tired yet very happy.

Moe and I both loved this horse. He's half Percheron, thus the size and color and half Fresian with the classy movement and attitude.

The easy hack home. Many thanks to everyone at Misty Morning for their gracious hospitality. Oh, and the brunch and flowing libations were appreciated as well!

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